Tasmanian Water Co.

State of Purity

The finest waters sourced from Tasmania: Australia’s southern most state with the cleanest air on earth. Tasmania is a “state of purity”.


Sourced from one of the purest regions on earth.


Premium waters from unique mineral springs.

  • One of the world’s most prestigious bottled waters, our waters begin as rainfall, which percolates through the natural filtration of the Tasmanian wilderness. After a period of 50 years the water emerges at the Rocky Cape underground aquifer. The unique natural filtration system, and Tasmania’s unique purity protects the water from pollution and endowing it with high levels of calcium. Once it reaches the source it is immediately bottled without chemical treatment.

  • Naturally low in sodium, the water is prized for its purity and well-balanced taste. Tasmanian Water Co. produces both still and sparkling varieties, with a natural mineral water with a carbonation level below 2.9. This low level of carbonation makes their “soft beaded" waters ideal for sipping alongside fine wines and subtly flavoured dishes, which risk being overwhelmed by more robust bubbles.

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